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Practical Test Monitoring


Manager:   Give me a testing status report !
Tester:       It feels OK . . .
or              Its a bit dodgy . . .
or              “We’ve raised a lot of Problems. . .
Manager:   Be objective, quantify your answer, give me numbers, give me something to manage.

As the Tester you are left feeling that you could do more ! So how do you monitor testing without doing anything complex, arduous or tedious, but still give your Manager an objective and quantifiable report?

This talk aims to demonstrate simple, effective and practical ways to monitor testing, covering; Test Planning, Test Scripting, Test Execution and Fault Reporting, by identifying what to monitor, when to monitor it and how to report it.

Using as a case study two similar sized projects, the first an enhancement, the second a new build, this talk will show you how to monitor testing. This is not rocket science, but practical, pragmatic and effective reporting.



Presented at:

1. BCS SIGiST, London – Sep 1997
2. DEVTest 98, London – Nov 1998