These pages form the Resource Library for all of my public testing presentations and associated download materials. Each presentation is stored as a posting that includes; the abstract, relevant downloads, and details of which conferences the presentation was given at.

How to use the library:

From the Menu Bar
There are four ways to browse from the menu bar

  1. Browsing all Presentations, gives you a page of all presentations in reverse chronological order of first delivery.
  2. You can also browse individual categories of; Keynote, Track, Tutorial & Workshop.
  3. Helpfully there is a complete Resource Index listing which might be a good start point.
  4. And there is a presentation Timeline to browse.

In the Search Box in the Side Menu, either enter the presentation title, conference name, of conference #hashtag.

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Most presentations have at least one download, or link, each identified by its icon and optionally descriptive text:

PowerPoint   PowerPoint_Print    PowerPoint_Show   Impress    Webinar   Adobe   Word   Excel   MindMap   Film   Python

Please feel free to browse the posts, download the files, and link to them from elsewhere. If you use the material I request that you make the appropriate references.