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In 2012 I bought my first Raspberry Pi and 4 months later used it to give a conference presentation ‘Overlooked Tools‘, using LibreOffice – Impress. Later I added on a Camera, and with a few lines of python built a time-lapse camera. This was my first experience of programming in python.  I followed a blog post with all of the details on, which is why it is good to share your experiences, and I had to learn a little Python. However that is what the Pi was designed for – teaching kids to program – so how hard could that be ?????

Maplin USB Robotic Arm

Then my good friend Phillip Isles mentioned a USB Robotic Arm from Maplin for less than £30. You had to build it yourself, but it plugged into the Pi, and with a little more python code it moved. Then add in bluetooth and a Wii mote and it became quite a cool device.

The arm and Pi have now been used a number of times (10+) in conference presentations around Europe. It always goes down well.

(In the UK the arm comes from Maplin, link here USB Robot Arm, at around £30.)

So many more things are possible with a cheap but powerful computer like the Pi, a small understanding of electronics  combined with only a little soldering , but mainly the desire to ‘have a go‘.

My endless thanks to everyone that blogs about their experience, includes the code, a few instructions and v. helpful videos.  (I will also try to do my part.)

If you are inspired to give it a go then please share your experience.