2010 Rocky Mountains

Chris and I had a great time traversing the Rocky Mountains for near three weeks in June 2010.

We flew into Denver then headed up to the high mountains at Twin Lakes. Crossed over to Grand Junction, then drove down to Mesa Verde. Stopped over in Durango for a few days and took a rid on the Silverton & Durango Railroad. ¬†Then across into Utah to visit Arches adn Canyonlands, before heading North to Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. It was snowing in Yellowstone, in June ūüôā ¬†Mammoth Hot Springs being a highlight. ¬†Crossed Wyoming via Cody and Casper, before arriving at Estes Park for a few days. The high alps were amazing, if at times a little cold. After a side trip we headed back to Denver for a long rest on the flight home.

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