Great But Now Overlooked Tools


The idea for this presentation comes directly from EuroSTAR 2011. Sitting on the bus back to the conference centre after attending the Gala Dinner, a discussion started, about the industry luminaries who turn up at conferences and give presentations which roughly say “Don’t do all the stuff that I told you to do 5 years ago! Do this stuff now.” But, but, but . . . .

As we got talking I realised how many simple effective tools I no longer used, because they have either become overlooked, forgotten and thus fallen into disuse, or because modern methods claim not to need them and they are redundant. I wondered if any of them were worth looking at again – starting with my flowcharting template; I realised it is a great tool which I have overlooked for too long!

And aligning with this year’s conference theme of renovation, here is my list of 10 great but now overlooked tools:

Project Plans
Mind Maps
Tools we already have at our disposal like ….
Aptitude Tests
Hexadecimal Calculators
Desk Checking
Data Dictionaries and Workbenches

This is my list of really useful tools that I think are overlooked. In the presentation I will briefly outline each tool, why I think it was great, and what we are missing out by not using it.

Of course the audience will have a different view of what great tools have been overlooked, so we will capture those tools as well, using a Mind Map that we can quickly share with other attendees after the session, using Twitter, or other Social Networking tools.

And it naturally follows that if there are some tools we have overlooked then there are also some tools that we should get rid of! I will present my own list, hoping that the debate isn’t too heated, and also update the Mind Map with the collective view of tools that we should also dispense with!


PowerPoint      pdf      pdf  EuroSTAR session generated MindMap
Webinar  EuroSTAR Webinar (Test Huddle logon required)

Presented at:

1. UK TMF, London, Jul 2012.  (Workshop)
2. EuroSTAR, Amsterdam, Nov 2012.
3. EuroSTAR, Webinar, May 2013.