What Influences Me In Software Testing – Workshop


I would like to share, in the form a workshop, the things that influence me in software testing.  The aim is to look at everything that currently influences me in the field of software testing, in the hope that it will also influence the audience.  There are a number of areas to look at:

Latest theories
Practical experience
Schools and approaches
Methods and techniques
Analogies and similarities
Books vs. blogs
The thinkers of our time
Popular culture
And lots of other things  .  .  .  .  .

With the aim that through a series of highly interactive activities, the workshop will build a mind map of influences for software testing, that can be shared and may be of use to others.

No advance preparation is required, other than to bring an open mind.  There is no prerequisite skill level.  All are welcome, but be prepared to contribute.


PowerPoint      MindMap   Mind map from TMF Summit

Presented at:

1. BCS SIGiST, London – June 2008
2. UK TMF Summit, London – Jan. 2009