Time-Boxed Testing


There is great pressure upon developers today to improve productivity and effectiveness. To achieve this there is a move away from the traditional structured methodologies towards more dynamic, iterative and RAD approaches.

This is being combined with Object and Component based techniques, and delivered with a new generation of IDE’s, to produce thin client, web based, voice and data products.


PowerPoint      Film      Film      Film      Film
yes, 4 animations

Presented at:

1. BCS SIGiST, London – July 1998


When this presentation was first given back in 1998, the conference world was in transition from overhead foils to laptops and projectors. The presentation software of the time, in this case Powerpoint, struggled with the most basic of embedded objects. That is why the supporting animations are presented separately.
It is worth noting that although the abstract is quite brief, this presentation covered a large amount of conceptual ground, supported by real life experience.