Test The EuroSTAR Nations

When Geoff and I had the initial discussion at the UK Testing Retreat about The Weakest Testing Link Stuart Reid asked why we weren’t doing a variant on Test The Nation.  I think at the time we said it was too hard, would require too much technology, and couldn’t be done at a testing conference.

Stuart was chair of EuroSTAR 2007, and he decide that it could be done!  He arranged for each member of the audience to have a handset which they could use for direct audience feedback.

On the Wednesday there were two interactive sessions. Early afternoon a survey session run by Dot Graham and Mark Fewster, and in the evening, Test the EuroSTAR Nations run by Geoff Thompson and myself.

Well done to Stuart for arranging the technology. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite that easy for the presenters. In the months preceding the conference Geoff and I and several meetings with the  company that supplied the technology.  We built a quiz slide deck, then waited to integrate it with the handset technology. And waited. And waited.  Finally on the day of the ‘show‘ we met the person who was running things behind the scenes.  And had one, yes just one, run through of the technology before we went live.

Geoff also wanted to walk up to the stage and arrive at exactly the moment that Thin Lizzy hit ‘The Boys Are  Back In Town‘.  It worked a treat.

Test The EuroSTAR Nations

Test The EuroSTAR Nations

It had been hard work, quite stressful, but great fun.  After 3 quiz shows Geoff and I decided to retire and let someone else take up the reigns.

Presented at:

1. EuroSTAR 2007, Stockholm, Dec 2007.