I haven’t written as much as I could, or should, have.  I intend to remedy that through my new blog (late 2014). Here are some of the things that I have written.

They are listed in reverse chronological order, i.e. latest first, in the form of; papers, articles and other documents that I have written.

 Programming For Testers

pdfThis is the paper that supports the Programming For Testers. It’s Easy! workshop / Tutorial.  The paper was nominated for the EuroSTAR 2014 Best Paper Award.

BCS SIGiST Program Secretary Nomination

pdfIn September 2010 I stood, and was successful in the election for the position of BCS SIGiST Program Secretary. To stand for election you have to write a nomination document, which you are able to read here.
I would like to thank Isabel and Geoff for their support.

Where Next For Software Testing Standards

GlobeIsabel Evans and I were invited by Professional Tester Magazine to write an article about where next for software testing standards. This built upon our work with the BCS SIGiST Standards Working Party and wider industry knowledge, and involvement in current standards activities. I can’t take too much credit because the real insight was provided by Isabel. Follow the link to read the article and view the other standards related articles in the May edition.

Implementing An Organisation Wide Testing Approach

pdfThis paper, written for JTS2008, describes the key points of the presentation,


Implementing an Agile Testing Approach

pdfIn 2008 John Watkins published AGILE TESTING How to Succeed in an Extreme Testing Environment – Cambridge University Press (ISBN 978-0521726870).
I was one of the many authors who provided a case study for the book. A draft of the case study can be found here.

 7 Key Measures for Software Testing

ExcelThe measures and metrics spreadsheet that supports the presentation