Holiday Photos

This is the repository for our holiday photos.

The Holiday Photos Index page lists links to all of our holiday photos (currently hosted on Picasa Web Albums.)

There are also direct menu links to selected holiday photos, and on those pages you will find:

  • A gallery of image highlights.
  • A brief description of the holiday and there may be a link to a Travel post.
  • A link to a Picasa Web Album, where a full resolution, slideshow can be seen.
    (This is best viewed with your browser maximised to Full Screen.)
  • Optional downloads, including PowerPoint Show files.

The plan is that eventually all images will be hosted on this website. In the meantime larger slideshow presentations will be delivered through Google’s Picasa Web Albums. All other images can be viewed directly on the website.

In the short-term this will save a little CO2 which is a good thing.

If you use any of these images please give the appropriate accreditation.