Flowcharting Workshop


Brand Spanking new B+ in Coupe case :-)

Brand Spanking new B+ in Coupe case 🙂

By now many of you will have heard about the Raspberry Pi, the $35 British computer that

is helping schoolchildren to learn how to write computer programs. To date over 1.75 million have been produced. A real success story.

Some of you may also know that over the last 18 months I (Graham) have been actively trying to reconvert the world to using flowcharts.

Well now Phillip Isles and I have brought these two themes together in the form of a highly interactive flowcharting workshop presented using the Raspberry Pi and a programmable Robotic Arm.

This session should be informative, fun, and productive. Informative in that you will find out how really powerful a $35 computer can be. Fun because we will use the Penguins logic puzzle game on the Raspberry Pi as the basis for the flowcharting exercise. And productive because you will learn or relearn how powerful quick and easy it is to generate flowcharts to aid in your daily work.

To play an active part in this workshop you will need something to draw flowcharts with, be that notepad and pencil, computer, tablet or phone.


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Presented at:

1. EuroSTAR Test Lab, Amsterdam, Nov 2012
2. UK Testing Retreat, Hereford, Jan 2013
3. UK TMF, London, Jul 2013