The EuroSTAR Testing Quiz

EuroSTAR 2008 was in Den Haag, the home town of conference chair Bob van de Burgt.

At the previous EuroSTAR, 2006, in Stockholm, Bob had asked me to join his program committee and help put together the conference. I of course said yes. There was one other request, that Geoff and I give another Quiz show.

That was more problematic because we had announced our retirement . . . but after a bit of persuasion we agreed.

We were struggling for a new format, having already done Weakest Link, Mastermind, and Test the Nations.  We didn’t have any technology this time either. So we decided to pit a team from of Benelux All Stars against a UK Challengers team !!!   We also decided to make this a quiz of quizzes. So included Millionaire, paying homage to David Hayman who first ran the game at EuroSTAR in Copenhagen. Weakest Link, where we voted off one contestant from each team, and a round of Call My Bluff – worth it for the theme music alone.

It turned out that the Benelux All Stars took it all rather more seriously than the UK challengers, no surprise there then, and they ran out worthy winners – with more money given to charity. Embarrassment and shame befell the UK challengers – You know who you are.

The EuroSTAR Testing Quiz

The EuroSTAR Testing Quiz

Had we known beforehand how much effort it was going to be, to do 5 different quiz formats in one, we would have done something simpler.  Retirement from Quiz Shows was reconfirmed and permanent.

Presented at:

1. EuroSTAR 2008, Den Haag, Nov 2008.