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EuroSTAR 2016 Discount Code

As a speaker at this year’s EuroSTAR conference, the organisers have sent me a discount code (badge), that ‘colleagues / friends / followers’  or just about anyone, can use to get a 10% discount. It might not seem like much, but every little helps.


PS. If you were wondering, I do not get anything for promoting this. I do so in the hope that it might help someone 🙂

UK TMF Summit Discussion Session

UKTMFI will be presenting a discussion session entitled “Instructional Games for Testers, Test Leads, & Test Managers” at this year’s UK TMF Summit on 26th March.

If you are interested in attending, or just want to know a little more, then check out; the session, the Summit program, or the UK TMF here.

New Section Indexes

New for 2016: Index Page Updates

The website Index Pages have now been extended to cover all of the major sections, Resources, Blog, Projects and Photos and can be found on the drop-down menu under each section.

The Index pages can be found here:
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BCS SIGIST Winter Seminar

BCS SIGiSTI will be presenting a session entitled ‘Becoming A Program Test Manager’ in London, on the 2nd December 2015, at the Winter meeting of the BCS SIGIST.

The session will be based on the half-day tutorial Techniques for Successful Program Test Management. A full session abstract can be found in The Tester.

If you are coming along then the Early Bird Discount ends on 4th November, more details can be found here.

Presentation Content Transferred

newsletter    I have now completed the Testing Presentation content transfer form the .html site to the new WordPress engine.

New to the site are the WordPress capability of Category’s and Tagging, which helps with building site menus and enables faster searching.

I have additionally built an index of all testing presentation content, and a used a timeline facility to see when presentations have been delivered.