BCS SIGiST Mentoring Program

BCS SIGiSTI have just joined the BCS SIGiST Mentoring Programfor the coming year, as a mentor of new speakers.

The mentoring program, established by the current BCS SIGiST Programme Secretary, Isabel Evans, is designed to mentor new speakers through the whole conference / seminar speaking ‘process‘. This will take the mentee right from the early steps of developing an abstract, through talk design and preparation, and all the way to speaking on the day.

I am sure that many people would like to share their testing experiences, but might be put off by not knowing; where to start, how to go about submitting, getting a talk together, and then standing up on the day in front of your peers. This can sound quite daunting (apologies if I am making it so), and that is where the mentors are here to help. We are all experienced conference speakers so have a wealth and depth of knowledge to draw from in order to; advise, guide and assist testers who are just starting their speaking journey.

I am in illustrious company, the other mentors being; Dorothy Graham, Mieke Gevers and Julian Harty.

BCS SIGiST New Speaker Mentors

BCS SIGiST New Speaker Mentors

The successful candidates will be speaking at the BCS SIGiST on December 7th this year. I am definitely looking forward to the event and I hope that you are, either as new speaker and mentee, or just as a member of the audience along to give your support 🙂

If you would like to know more, then as a candidate, check out the mentoring program here, or as a potential mentor, please get in touch with the BCS SIGiST Program Secretary here.